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Eyes on the Prize Videodisc

Prepared from the Civil Rights series which won six Emmys, two Peabodies, an Oscar nomination and 33 other distinguished awards, the EYES ON THE PRIZE Educator’s Enhanced PBS VIDEOdisc™ is a moving, interactive classroom experience. Sit on the bus with Rosa Parks; take the lonely walk in Little Rock; march in Selma and Washington; hear powerful speeches as they were delivered. Study hundreds of archival photographs, maps, statistical charts and a time line of events. The sights, sounds and personalities of the era take on a new life in this powerful double videodisc package. With the barcoded Teacher’s Planning guide, video segments can be located instantly, played in any order, re-played, skipped, and shaped into customized lessons. Includes a Teacher's Guide with useful biographies and references. Two videotapes are also included. One covers how to use the materials in the classroom. The second tape includes the same two hour condensed version of the video "Eyes on the Prize" as the videodisc.

A01069 List $350 CLEARANCE: $49


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